Monday, October 31, 2016

The Four Best Travel Tips for Leaving Your home Country

When you travel internationally, it’s a bit different from booking a flight coast-to-coast. Although the means of travel are the same, you’ll encounter an entirely different world when you deplane. It’s important to keep certain things in perspective. 

Local Customs
Learn the basic phrases of the language you plan to be around. There is a good chance if you’re an English speaker, you’ll find others, but don’t be complacent! Knowing some of the language, and some of the customs will help you pay a decent price for services rendered and get around safely. Observing local customs won’t be expected of you, so it will be a chance to connect with the locals when you’re conscious of what they care about. 

Money Tips
Start your trip off with about $300 worth of local currency if possible, and be careful where you spend your money until you find a reliable source of currency exchange. You should also call your bank ahead of time to find out if your credit and debit card will work in the country you plan to visit. Still, in general, it’s best to have local cash on you when you can. 

Luggage and Packing
Make sure your carry on has an extra set of clothes, and a few basics on you as permitted by the airline. If your luggage goes missing, you may be stuck without clothes for several days. In some cases, it’s worth it to pay for a second checked bag. 

Your Health and Safety
Make sure you have copies of your passport on you, and at home. You’ll need anything you can to prove you’re a citizen if something goes wrong. It’s also worth calling insurance and getting information on what to do if you’re in trouble overseas. Also, register with the embassy in the country you’re visiting so your government can contact you if something goes wrong.